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Thread: panp7 wireless disabled

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    panp7 wireless disabled

    The wireless applet on the deskbar just says, "wireless is disabled". From lshw, I get the following:

    *-network DISABLED
    description: Wireless interface
    product: PRO/Wireless 5300 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection
    vendor: Intel Corporation
    physical id: 0
    bus info: pci@0000:06:00.0
    logical name: wmaster0
    version: 00
    serial: 00:21:6a:9a:c3:18
    width: 64 bits
    clock: 33MHz
    capabilities: pm msi pciexpress bus_master cap_list logical ethernet physical wireless
    configuration: broadcast=yes driver=iwlagn latency=0 multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11abgn
    resources: irq:34 memory:f0300000-f0301fff
    Any suggestions on how I can get wireless going?

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    Re: panp7 wireless disabled

    There's a function button. Fn-f11 or f12? I'm not sure. It's the one with the little wireless icon. Try hitting that.

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    Re: panp7 wireless disabled

    Thanks, that did it.


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