Howdy Linux gamers,
During the following 33 days I will present 33 video games from year 1978 to 2010 that will be run with Lutris.

Here's a quick presentation of what Lutris is taken from the blog :
Lutris’ main goal is to make gaming on Linux really easy. Easy as a few mouse clicks, grabbing a joypad and playing because that’s how gaming should be : fun. Many users still run Microsoft Windows because of games, but if you don’t mind missing a few very recent title, there’s is no reason not to run Linux. Or maybe there is. Gaming on Linux can be really painful sometimes. All you want to do is play, but you have to compile stuff, install libraries, deal with sound issues … and you don’t want that, right ?

Lutris deals with this stuff for you. You have simple configuration dialogs with understandable settings that you won’t have to touch again once the game runs right.

I want to support every game that can be made to run on Linux and that’s a lot of games ! I don’t have the exact number but I guess that 98% of video games made between 1978 and 2005 can be run on Linux, and about 70% of games made later on can also run quite well.

Lutris will also be a community (like Steam). You will be able to receive notifications when your friends are online and playing some game so you can join them. There will also be a more technical aspect of the community, ensuring that games work for everybody but I’ll talk about that later.
Tomorrow (February 23rd) I will pick up the first game, starting from 1978 and tell about how I get it to run with Lutris, what problems I've encountered and how I can possibly fix them before the release.

Hopefully, this retrospective will get the attention of users and I'll manage to get some bug report and opinions.
You can follow the progress of the development on during these 33 days or even better, participate !
I'll notify of updates via and Twitter with the #lutris hash tag.