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Thread: 8.10 update(not upgrade) ask for 9.10 disc

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    Exclamation 8.10 update(not upgrade) ask for 9.10 disc

    When I started up my ubuntu 8.10 laptop today, there was a bunch of updates. So I clicked install updates, put in my pass as usually, and during the process, it asked me to insert a 9.10 disc!! I click "UPDATED" not "UPGRADE". Why is it asking me for a 9.10 disc? I dont want to upgrade I only want to update my 8.10 version. It wont update now, and why if it needs some files cant it just get them from the repository?

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    Re: 8.10 update(not upgrade) ask for 9.10 disc

    I imagine you have installed google chrome browser at some time, which for some weird reason also calls for a large number of dependencies, including postfix, noted in the error you show. There have been a few comments about a postfix update problem in the last fewdays, and I wonder if this is something to do with your problem. I don't really know how to solve it, unfortunately, but you may wish to search postfix problems to see if that helps.

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    Post Re: 8.10 update(not upgrade) ask for 9.10 disc

    Not sure but it could be that you have the CD option set in "Software Sources"

    Go to System>Administration>Software Sources on the "Ubuntu Software" tab see if the CD option is ticked/checked. If it is remove it and try again.

    Hope this helps.

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