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Thread: Buffalo NAS autopower

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    Lightbulb Buffalo NAS autopower

    It works for me, and I like to know if it can be usefull to someone else.

    Obviously, use it at your own risk!

    Some Buffalo NAS systems have an "Auto Power" mode: the NAS stays up&running while the (windows) pc is running. It's done with a (windows) service, always running, that send 3 (why 3?) wake-on-lan packets to the NAS every (about) 30 seconds.
    When you shutdown the pc, the NAS stops receiving w-o-l packets, wait about 3 minutes, then shutdown itself.
    The NAS will listen for incoming w-o-l packets: when it arrives, the NAS will go back up&running.
    My Linkstation Quad needs about 3 or 4 minutes to go back on line.

    Thus, to replicate (and improve ...) this behavior, I used:
    - autofs5
    - smbfs
    - wakeonlan
    - netcat
    - a script (attached)

    It will keep "live" the NAS on a per-use basis, rather than a pc-power basis:
    autofs will do the dirt job of follow the user's needs of mount points, and the script I wrote will send the w-o-l packet when the mount points are used.

    I used autofs5 because I cannot make working the installed version (autofs4): it never umount the unused share.

    Here is what I did, not exactly a step-by-step guide, because I'm writing by memory...

    - remove autofs4
    - install autofs5
    - install wakeonlan
    - install smbfs
    - install netcat (I don't remember if it is installe by default...)

    - edit /etc/auto.master:
    - comment out the line "+auto.master" (because of bug bug #488696)
    - add a line "/mnt/nas /etc/auto.nas"
    #  +auto.master
    /mnt/nas        /etc/auto.nas
    where the first is the mount point and the second is your configuration script

    - edit /etc/default/autofs
    - set the TIMEOUT
    The only problem I had was relate to a very short timeout (about 10 seconds). While I was trying all configuration, and to speed up tests () I did a long series of powerup, timeout, powerup, timeout. I got an array corruption. I didn't loss data, but I needed to copy all data away, destroy array, and so on.
    So, I suggest you to set a very high timeout, not less than 10 minutes.

    - copy auto.nas
    - set parameters in top of file, and in last line of the script (YOUR_USERNAME,YOUR_GROUP,USER,PASSWORD). The last are used by autofs and smbclient to mount the share (look at man autofs....)
    This file sends the wol packets while the NAS is booting; it stop sending wol packets asap the share is available, not waiting more than the startup timeout you defined, if something goes wrong.

    Then, mount the share.

    - copy (I put it in /usr/local/sbin)
    - set parameters in top of file, just like in auto.nas file
    This script sends wol packets while the share is mounted. It must be started at startup of your pc.
    I think I'll insert the correct call (start & stop) inside the autofs init script: it is needed running just while autofs is running, so...

    Now, start the, and start autofs.

    My NAS have 2 shares: "SHARE" and "USBDISK"; I defined /mnt/nas as mountpoint.
    Now, if all is correctly running, I can access /mnt/nas/share or /mnt/nas/usbdisk: after the NAS boot process (about 3-4 minutes) I'll see it.
    After 10 minutes (or the timeout you set in /etc/default/autofs), the shares disappears.

    I did it on Ubuntu 9.10, with Buffalo Linkstation Quad, but I think that all this can be used on other system and with other NAS (if them are wol capable...)

    Any comment is appreciated!

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    Re: Buffalo NAS autopower

    Like windows service provied by Buffalo I do that

    Download script
    $ wget
    Copy script
    $ sudo cp boulette /etc/init.d/
    Download wake on lan script
    $ wget
    Edit it, change MAC adresse
    $ vim
    Copy it
    $ sudo cp /usr/bin
    Install wakeonlan package
    $ sudo apt-get install wakeonlan
    If you want to start service to wake up NAS
    $ sudo /etc/init.d/boulette start
    If you want to start service automaticaly at start up
    $ cd /etc/init.d
    $ sudo update-rc.d boulette defaults

    I'm do too a Android App for wake up NAS

    Et voila

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    Re: Buffalo NAS autopower

    Great job themadmax !!
    I test your script on my buffalo linkstation, it's work great !
    I'd just correct some things (in bold) :

    $ wget
    Copy script
    $ sudo cp boulette /etc/init.d/
    $ sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/boulette
    Download wake on lan script
    $ wget
    Edit it, change MAC adresse and -i boulette by -i NAS_IP_ADDRESS
    $ vim
    Copy it
    $ sudo cp /usr/bin
    $ sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/
    Install wakeonlan package

    Thanks a lot from a french guy !!


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