Here are the facts...

"D-link 2310" Wireless router,
DSL modem.

"Computer1" Win Vista,

"Computer2" Ubuntu 9.04 and Win XP dual boot,

"Computer3" Ubuntu 9.10,

"Computer4" Playstation 3

Here is the problem.

Computers 2 and 3 usually have no problem loading web pages they slow down here and there (usual for a DSL connection) but 20 minutes or 20 hours of web browsing seem to be no issue.

Computers 1 and 4 in the past week cant seem to load pages after about 4 minutes on the web. Both are lightning fast for about 3 minutes then they hit the wall.................

Here is what I have tried

I tried XP on Computer 2 still fast after 20 minutes. Rebooted to 9.04 just as fast.

Computer 1 was plugged directly into the router via ethernet plug. I had the same results as the wireless connection slow after about 4 minutes rebooting vista seems to give me 4 more minutes of browsing before it bogs down.

Computer 4 pluged directly into the router gives the same result as Computer 1.

I booted Computer 1 with a 9.10 live cd but it did make a difference in speed although because it was the live cd It was slower than it should be. I had no idea how to boot Computer 4 from the live cd since it is a ps3.

Here is where things get weird

I bought Computer 1 to a local hotel to borrow their wireless connection (I bought a coffee in the lobby to make it legal). Computer1 ran flawlessly it was fast and 30 minutes later it still had no problem. My friend brought Computer 3 it also worked flawlessly.

I have mostly ruled out virus issues for Computer 1 and 4, all computers run on an unsecured network (nobody lives within a 10 minute drive and the closest road is a 5 minute walk down the driveway).

My Question is why do some of my computers work flawlessly. Yet others work flawlessly for only a few minutes.

Why just the Vista machine and the Playstation 3 with the problems.

I am not necessaryly looking for a specific answer but was hoping someone can point me in the right direction.