I just installed xubuntu (8.04) onto an old Sony vaio laptop and am a complete Linux newbie. After playing around, it seems to be running well, except it is not detecting my wired Ethernet connection correctly.

When I plug in the wire the connection icon spins for a few seconds and if I put cursor over it, it reads: “requesting a network address from the wire network.” Eventually it stops and shows two computers connected.

If I click on the icon it says “connect to 802.1x protected wired network”

If I click on it, it gives a dialogue box asking for network name, EAP method, Phase 2 type, etc, etc.

***What is 802.1x protected wired network? Any other computer (and this one, when I was running another OS) connected automatically as soon as I plugged in.

If I right click on the connection icon, it says Active Connection Information
Interface : Ethernet (eth1)
Speed: 100mb/s
Driver: e100
All the other entries (IP, Broadcast address, etc) are

Long story short, firefox, updates, anything requiring the intenet seems to fail.
I’m completely new to linux, so please be gentle in any answers. Thanks so much!