Hi guys, complete noob here, I've installed the latest Ubuntu release, it's my first exposure to Linux.

My Linux box is eventually gunna sit in my AV setup, so I dont really want a keyboard and mouse hanging off of it once it's setup, so my plan is, the occasions i do need to tinker, to RDP/VNC to it from my Vista laptop.

Now I've got the free version of RealVNC running on the Vista laptop and I can bring up the Linux desktop ok, and on first glance it seems ok, but quickly everything proves to not be ok. The mouse and keyboard dont work, say I click on something, nothing happens. However, if I close the VNC session and restart, the previous mouse click has then happened and visible in the VNC session. So it seems things arent updating properly.

Has anyone else had a similar problem, or can advise on a better way of acheiving this goal?

Many thanks.