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Thread: Using VNC to control Ubuntu from Vista

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    Using VNC to control Ubuntu from Vista

    Hi guys, complete noob here, I've installed the latest Ubuntu release, it's my first exposure to Linux.

    My Linux box is eventually gunna sit in my AV setup, so I dont really want a keyboard and mouse hanging off of it once it's setup, so my plan is, the occasions i do need to tinker, to RDP/VNC to it from my Vista laptop.

    Now I've got the free version of RealVNC running on the Vista laptop and I can bring up the Linux desktop ok, and on first glance it seems ok, but quickly everything proves to not be ok. The mouse and keyboard dont work, say I click on something, nothing happens. However, if I close the VNC session and restart, the previous mouse click has then happened and visible in the VNC session. So it seems things arent updating properly.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem, or can advise on a better way of acheiving this goal?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Using VNC to control Ubuntu from Vista

    You seem to be doing quite well for a first exposure. Have you seen this help page?
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    Re: Using VNC to control Ubuntu from Vista

    Ah brilliant, cheers for that Iowan, I'll give that page a proper look and try and get my head around it!


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