Well I've been struggling to set up my Netgear wn111v2 wireless USB card for days and I believe I am close to finishing; under system>administrator> I can find 'windows wireless drivers,' and I put in two different drivers that I downloaded from another post, one of them being bean197 and another poster I can't quite remember. I put the .inf files into the 'install new driver' box, but all I get is 'arusb_xp: Hardware present: no,' and 'bcmwlhigh5 Hardware present: no.' from many other posts that I've found there have been successes and I wanted to know if anyone can help me? what I find most surprising is that I have seen many posts that says ubuntu 9.10 automatically recognizes netgear wn111v2, though that isn't the case with me. help!!!
Thanks in advanced.