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Thread: Nautilus should handle SMB shares better. (HELP)

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    Nautilus should handle SMB shares better. (HELP)

    I am username "luke" on my remote server.
    I have a directory on my server, /home/repo, which is guest-viewable.
    I have a directory, /home/repo/luke, that is accessible only via my account.

    When I browse /home/repo, it lets me do so anonymously. When I want to access /home/repo/luke, I get "Access Denied". I don't know how to tell it that I am an authentic user for that folder! If there is a way, tell me.

    I believe, in any case, that Nautilus could handle this issue in a more user-friendly way.
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    Re: Nautilus should handle SMB shares better. (HELP)

    Can you specify how you configured the samba share, by using Nautilus or by manually editing /etc/samba/smb.conf? And also post your smb.conf file if you are using it to configure.

    Can you also specify the OS/samba version you are using?

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