i sincerely apologized if this has been discussed before, but, lately (past week) ive not been able to connect to one computer (it's a Belkin Wireless N F5D8236-4. Had ZERO problems from my Linksys WRT54GS (DD-WRT firmware)
But yet, only in the past week have i been experiencing problems. I did insta
ll Tor, which by trying to isolate the problem, i've disabled that service. It keeps saying the folder contents of SMb://xxx.xxx.x.xx could not be opened. I've resintalled SAMBA, even tried FTP as a second resort, with similar problems; connection refused. I'm not gonna say i'm a n00b as i have had intermediate experience with Ubutnu (as well as a few oters) But this problem only started recently. Strangely enough, i can connect to my third computer flawlessly It's the one computer i need access to unfortunately. Which is all wired to the router AFAIK, no other changes have been made to warrant this strange behaviour I do use Peerblock on my windows machine, but, doubt that is the prolem, as i did disable that Is this an issue with SAMBA Has anyone else found a cure for this seemingly popuar problem, please share. Is it Samba? Is it Windows 7's big middle t=finger to linux users? And lastly, Will there be a fix or is there a simple solution i'm overlooking.
Thanks for any help!