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Thread: Virus or trojan attack

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    Virus or trojan attack


    I can't log into my computer. I think that I got infected
    by a virus or trojan.

    The computer starts up and get to the screen where there
    is the Ubuntu logo. Underneath the logo is the following

    - One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab can not be
    - mounted.

    - home:wait for UUID=OF35671b-8231-4d15-af3d-d027b6484e66

    - press escape to enter the recovery.

    I pressed and get to the command line.

    (slinc01 is computer's name)
    It seems that I am to put something into the command line
    but have no idea. Can not access the on-line information.

    My problem started when I went to a webpage that came in
    a google alert for PhotoShop. That webpage was on the
    screen for a few seconds before it automatically switched
    to another site. That site unleased a barrage of pop up
    windows. I tried to close the browser but could not. I
    turned the computer off. I turned it back onl and was
    able to do something before I quit.

    The next day I was able to get to the internet but I was
    not able to get the Thunderbird e/m client to function.
    I closed Thurnderbird a few times but that did not solve
    the problem.

    I shutdown the computer and rebooted a few mintues later.
    I then got the above message. It won't allow me to get
    to anything now.

    The problem must have been due to some attacked from the
    website. Everything was working okay before then.

    Thanks in advance for advice.


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    Re: Virus or trojan attack

    Check this thread might help you:

    I honestly don't know the reason behind this but I doubt a virus or a Trojan is capable of doing this. [personal opinion]
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    Re: Virus or trojan attack

    quick fix:

    sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak

    sudo nano /etc/fstab

    will show something like this

    # / was on /dev/sdb6 during installation
    UUID=1a5f0500-a2c5-46a4-9668-fe101df32163 / ext4 relatime,errors=remount-ro 0 1

    make it look like this

    # / was on /dev/sdb6 during installation
    /dev/sdb6 / ext4 relatime,errors=remount-ro 0 1

    do that for all entrys or just your / & /home

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    Re: Virus or trojan attack

    Also try fsck and reboot
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