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Well I guess if you like the idea of sitting in a Coffee Shop typing command line stuff, then it's solved, but for me command line for something so basic, is a thing of the last century.

There must be millions of people who use Netbooks and laptops with usb modems.

I never used to think of Mobile Partner as a great piece of software until I tried to get my Netbook going on Ubuntu. In order to get my E180 USB Modem doing everything that it was capable of doing, (like SIM settings, SMS and records of SMS's) I need several pieces of software, including one for which I have to remember command line syntax.

I eventually got my HP1001TU mini working on home wifi (after a command line installation of the wireless card), only to find that it didn't recognise other wifi systems.

This is an area that seriously needs to be sorted out. I wonder how many people have given up in disgust and gone back to Windows because of this?


You are correct in your statement

However most of this needs to be sorted out By the ISP's and manufactures and not linux

one company via Beta Vine are working towards this aspect with VMC

most of these problems occur when the ISP's over write the firmware and then lock the devices to suit windows, but not all window's , a lot of these devices require firmware updates to work in the windows 7, and to which only to gain a further market share by pandering to microsoft

if the same effort was put into the linux side by these isp's and manufactures then we would heading on a level platform

added one write up of one specific modem