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Thread: Help Getting Keyboard To Toggle Between KVM Switch Inputs?

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    [SOLVED] Help Getting Keyboard To Toggle Between KVM Switch Inputs?

    I'm using an IOGEAR KVM Switch to switch between my newly built PC and Xbox 360. I've been using it for a while on my 360 with no problems, but to switch inputs you have to use a hotkey on a keyboard that is connected to the KVM switch (there is no button on the KVM switch to toggle between inputs).

    My KVM switch is compatible with Linux, but each time I plug in my Logitech Wired Wave keyboard into my KVM switch and use the hotkey it fails to switch the input. The hotkey is the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard, and the Logitech Wired Wave keyboard doesn't have a key dedicated to that function, so I use the key combo for Scroll Lock, which is Fn + Pause/Break. I haven't mapped out all the keys on this keyboard yet, but I figured it should already be mapped out, since all the other basic keyboard keys are working.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    *EDIT: [Solved] I managed to switch the toggle key from tapping the Scroll Lock key (combo) twice to tapping the Control key twice, after finally figuring out the manual's long and convoluted key combinations to change the input toggle key setting.

    If anyone else encounters this problem I would direct you to the Page 11 of the product manual, which is available at the product page linked to above.
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    Re: Help Getting Keyboard To Toggle Between KVM Switch Inputs?

    I realized that my keyboard does have a Scroll Lock LED Icon/Indicator next to my Caps Lock and Num Lock indicators. To test to make sure the Fn + Pause/Break keycombo for Scroll Lock was working I tested it while the keyboard was connected directly to my computer and apparently it isn't mapped out properly because the indicator doesn't turn on.

    Anyone know how to map the keycombo Fn + Pause/Break to be the Scroll Lock key? I'm not familiar how to do this on Ubuntu

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