I recently got a new laptop (Toshiba Satellite L500-1WG), and installed the latest build of Ubuntu. At first my wireless wasn't working at all, I did some searching on forums and realised it was probably an issue of my WiFi card not being compatible. My wifi card is apparently an Intel WiFi Link 5100. Using instructions on forums I managed to install the driver, and my wifi is now 'working' in the sense that I can pick up wireless networks and connect.

BUT, my connection is horrifically slow. I know its not the internet connection itself because it used to work perfectly well with my old laptop (also a Toshiba Satellite, but older model) in exactly the same place. The wired connection is fine. I may have to resort back to Windows merely to save having a massive ethernet cable trailing across my floor...

My internet is with O2, so it's coming through an o2 box, don't know if that's relevant.

Any ideas!?