My goal is to install Moonlight.

I seem to have satisfied all dependencies and pre configured(mcs and mono) but when I try to install moonlight (./configure), I get this:

checking for FREETYPE2... yes
checking for FONTCONFIG... yes
configure: WARNING: The path to mono-basic does not exist, you need to set it to an existing directory to include Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll in your Moonlight install
checking for GTKSHARP... yes
checking for WNCKSHARP... yes
checking for RSVGSHARP... no
checking for MONO... configure: error: Package requirements (mono >= 2.5) were not met:

No package 'mono' found

Now, I am doing this ALL in my home folder. I think I should have configured it all in usr/local/share/ , but I'm not sure.
I also dont know about previous versions of mono in my Ubuntu 8.10.
I would appreciate any help.

thank you