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Thread: Ubuntu and Belkin N1 F5D8001

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    Ubuntu and Belkin N1 F5D8001

    I've been having one hell of a time getting my old computer back up and running for my son. A year ago I had this computer running with Ubuntu despite it's connection to our local wireless with a Belkin N1 F5D8001.

    Now I've got the newest version of Ubuntu installed on his computer and I'm trying to go through the same steps that I went through in the past. I've managed to get the NetMW14x.inf file downloaded and I've used the new GUI for windows drivers to install the .inf but it's showing no Hardware loaded.

    Also, in the past, there was at least recognition of the existence of the card if I did an ifconfig, it was just a matter of assigning a driver to it, etc.
    Now, if I do an ifconfig, I get the ethernet (disconnected) and lo (loopback). So it's as if the card's dead, but it isn't because I just wiped XP off it this morning.

    What the heck is going on with this thing? I could swear I've done everything I've read and everything I recalled doing in the past to make this work, but I'm mostly hosed by the fact that it's as if the system doesn't give a crap that the card is inserted at all.

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    Re: Ubuntu and Belkin N1 F5D8001

    Also of note, this computer does not have an internet connection at all. It's too far to stretch the ethernet. I do have a functioning computer nearby that I'm using USB drives to transfer info.


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