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Thread: Searching for a Laptop

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    Talking Searching for a Laptop

    I'm searching for a laptop that is 100% compatible with Linux (Linux in general though I'd like to have a *buntu variant). I will be taking it to college with me.

    Most of my computer use is web browsing, graphic editing, and web development so I do need a decent amount of power.

    I've been looking around and the systems on and similar places seem to be too expensive and as for buying from Dell, the only laptop I found that I like is the Dell Vostro V13, and upgrading Ubuntu on it apparently breaks drivers.

    I'm open to buying a computer with Windows 7 pre-installed providing I can get Linux working on it without a ton of trouble. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Searching for a Laptop

    ive got everything working on here see my specs at the bottom

    this pretty much fixes what doesnt work out of the box

    and this for the jack

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    Re: Searching for a Laptop


    Actually, I looked around a bit more and I think that I'll go with a Lenovo G550 instead, everything works out of the box and it's a decent system for me, I've always liked Lenovo (I'm on a ThinkPad right now).

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