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Thread: Phantom keystrokes on ASRock Vision 3d

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    Phantom keystrokes on ASRock Vision 3d


    I installed mythbuntu 11.10 on a new ASRock Vision machine a few weeks ago. The box sits in my TV unit, generally with no keyboard or mouse attached. (I generally plug them in if I need to do some maintenance - there are several kinks and quirks still to work out of the system.)

    Intermittently, the system registers keystrokes that mean that videos or recordings playing can bounce around, skipping forward and backward, or menu highlights rove up and down the list without any intervention on my part.

    I've ruled out any remote control issue (to the point of removing them from the room), and given that it happens when neither mouse or keyboard are plugged in it isn't actual input.

    Network control of myth is enabled, but there have been times where I've just been working on a terminal, with myth shutdown,and got the likes of "^]]" appearing repeatedly in the console.

    Just not sure where to start looking for the bug on this one, and pointers welcome and appreciated.


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    Re: Phantom keystrokes on ASRock Vision 3d

    Just bumping this thread, in hope.

    Same thing has happened again a few times over the past couple of days, after a prolonged spell of things being quiet.

    Haven't done anything new or different that I'm aware of.


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