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Thread: NES games on DS?

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    NES games on DS?

    I have an R4 for my ds, i was wondering if it was possible to get nes roms to play on it. The only tutorials i was able to find only seemed to work on windoze.
    How can i achieve this?
    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: This is my first post here, hello ubuntuforums!

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    Re: NES games on DS?

    Hey welcome to the forums

    I dont know anything about the ds roms. But I do know that you can play both nes and ds games on ubuntu

    Here is how to get nes emulator

    Try searching synaptic for NES and you should be able to find one that will work.

    The one you need for ds is called desmume, it should be in synaptic as well.

    I cant afford a DS at this time, so I cant really answer this question, but I hope to get one, so I am interested in this solution as well.
    USE="gentoo" && emerge -avuDN world

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    Re: NES games on DS?

    There are atleast 3 good nes emulators for DS.
    Probably more but this website isn't been updated for awhile;
    The one called NesDS is the one I use.

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