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Thread: Quick Tiling (snap to edge) in KDE4.4

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    Quick Tiling (snap to edge) in KDE4.4


    i just installed KDE4.4 on ubuntu 9.10 from the kubuntu backports ppa but i have no idea how to enable the new quick tiling feature and cannot find any information on the web. there is an enabled tile option in the desktop section of the control center but this seems to have no effect.

    any ideas?


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    Re: Quick Tiling (snap to edge) in KDE4.4

    Not sure what to say; it works for me.

    You do mean System Settings -> Desktop -> Screen Edges -> Tile windows by dragging them to the side of the screen, right? Also, note that it won't tile until the cursor dragging the window hits the screen edge.

    The global shortcuts under Keyboard & Mouse -> Global Keyboard Shortcuts -> KDE Component: KWin -> Quick Tile Windows to the Left/Right seem to properly work over here, too.


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