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Thread: How to run gnome-screenasaver slideshow manually

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    How to run gnome-screenasaver slideshow manually

    What I am trying to achieve:

    I have selected photo slide show as the screensaver and normally it activates after 5min of inactivity and 'power saving' turns off monitor after 15min.

    Occasionally I would like to run the same slideshow for one hour without interruption by the gnome-screen saver. (Ideally in a script so that it could be launched with one click).

    One way to do this would be :
    #disable screen saver temporarily
    gnome-scrensaver-command -i &
    PID=`jobs -p`
    #find the right args for gnome-screensaver slideshow
    # or run some other slideshow
    sleep 3600
    kill $PID
    Two questions with the above approach :
    1. How can we start "/usr/lib/gnome-screensaver/gnome-sreensaver/slideshow" same way that gnome-screensaver would?
    2. will 'gnome-screensaver-command -i' command also prevent power management from turning off the monitor?

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    Re: How to run gnome-screenasaver slideshow manually

    The following script does pretty much exactly what I need.

    It requires 'xte' and 'xprintidle'. It uses glslideshow for slideshow. Search this forum for how to configure photo directory for it. This is a much better slideshow than the default in gnome-screensaver. The script does the following :
    • disable gnome-screen-saver and store the pid.
    • obtain "window-id" for the desktop background using xwininfo.
    • move cursor to right bottom corner (so that it does not appear over the photos.
    • wait for 30 minutes before stopping the slideshow.
    • there is no easy way for the user to kill the slideshow. So watch for any user activity during this time.

    #disable screen saver while running slideshow
    gnome-screensaver-command -r "slideshow" -i &
    PID=`jobs -p`
    #get the window id
    WID=`xwininfo -name x-nautilus-desktop | grep 'Window id:' | awk '{print $4}'`
    #move the mouse to bottom right corner
    WIDTH=`xwininfo -id $WID | grep Width: | awk '{print $2}'`
    HEIGHT=`xwininfo -id $WID | grep Height: | awk '{print $2}'`
    xte 'mousemove $WIDTH $HEIGHT'
    /usr/lib/xscreensaver/glslideshow -fade 5 -pan 12 -duration 12 -window-id $WID &
    SLIDESHOW=`jobs -p`
    ENDTIME=`expr \`date +%s\` + 1800`
    sleep 2
    #wait for any input on the screen to end the slideshow
    while [ `date +%s` -lt $ENDTIME ] && [ `xprintidle` -gt 1000 ]; do
        sleep 0.2
    kill $SLIDESHOW
    kill $PID


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