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Thread: Google Chrome Displaying Blank Pages

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    Unhappy Google Chrome Displaying Blank Pages

    I have Google Chrome version installed on Ubuntu Karmic. I am able to launch Google Chrome but i am unable to view any web pages. I do not get a "Web Page Cannot be displayed" warning, I simply get a blank page. If I try to look at my history, extensions or previous downloads I also get a blank page. I have tried un-installing and reinstalling. I read how this can sometimes can be caused by a profile corruption in Google chrome followed by directions on how to create a new profile in Windows. Anyone know how to create a new Goggle Chrome profile in Ubuntu? Anyone else experienced this problem?

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    Re: Google Chrome Displaying Blank Pages

    Do not experienced that problem but you can reset your profile deleting .config/google-chrome/ directory.

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    Re: Google Chrome Displaying Blank Pages

    Same problem here.

    I have already deleted the folder and the problem still persists.

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    Re: Google Chrome Displaying Blank Pages

    Same here, but, since i changed kernel configuration.
    I can provide configs.

    edit. i made some reserch and found this:
    san@eeepc:~$ google-chrome
    [3098:3098:1353126978:ERROR:chrome/app/] Gdk: shmget failed: error 38 (Function not implemented)
    tried to serch something like shmget+kernel, and found this:

    #include <sys/ipc.h>  
     #include <sys/shm.h>

    and from headers tried to find in kernel shm or ipc and found 'IPC V' option - it looks reasonable so i enabled it.
    compiling at the moment but fount this one too [ ].
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