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Thread: Setting up cyber cafe kiosk systems

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    Lightbulb Setting up cyber cafe kiosk systems

    My friend and I are helping a local internet cafe transition their public computers (and possibly servers at some point) to run on free software (after many bad virus experiences). Currently, they are using Antamedia Internet Caffe, with the server program running on a POS system that for the time being still needs to run Windows. We played with ZenCafe a little, but ideally we need something that runs in kiosk mode, allowing the user to browse the web, instant message and word process.
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    Re: Setting up cyber cafe kiosk systems

    if your really interested in running or setup a cyber cafe business and looking for the suitable softwares for billing and point of sales software for cyber cafe, you might consider to check our site at Open Source Software Cyber Cafe

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    Re: Setting up cyber cafe kiosk systems

    any update to your cyber cafe project?

    how did it go?

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    Re: Setting up cyber cafe kiosk systems

    The software center has an app called lockdown or something similar. Perfect for kiosks.
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