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Thread: Installing Ubuntu Server on a VIA EPIA CPU

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    Installing Ubuntu Server on a VIA EPIA CPU


    I am trying to install Ubuntu Sever 9.10 on an VIA EPIA based CPU. It has a display probem because when I start the installation, after selecting the language and starts in text mode based windows, the video gets crazy and the display is filled by a lot of strange colors and can not see the installer questions.

    Does anybody have the same problem? I tried with different boot options but the problem continues. How can I solve it?

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu Server on a VIA EPIA CPU

    After you select the install language, press Escape to go into the text mode installer.

    Press Tab at the "Install Ubuntu" line, add
    to the end of the command line and press Enter.

    Install should continue in text mode.

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    Talking SOLVED: Installing Ubuntu Server on a VIA EPIA CPU

    Thank you very much. With that option the installation works fine.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu Server on a VIA EPIA CPU

    Thanks, this sounds like good news. I have my music on a TranquilPC T7 with a VIA EPIA M cpu. I have generally installed Desktops up to now because of the server kernel issue with VIA cpus, but it sounds like 10.4 Server might be OK. I will try it this weekend.
    I have also had video problems with this machine - you can tell what is supposed to be on the screen but the image is divided up into what I can only describe as narrow horizontal bands in which the pixels are pushed into almost horizontal diagonals.
    I will try the tip above and post back.
    This machine will be headless and attached to a wall in the basement - (squeezebox server).
    If I can get 10.4 Server running on it, hopefully it should run even more economically (not that it runs hot now!) and I can forget it for a few years!
    I'll post back next week.


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    Re: Installing Ubuntu Server on a VIA EPIA CPU


    I am using an Epia M 10000 and still in trouble. If I try to install any version (Desktop, Alternative, Server) in text mode or change to console I still have these twisted grafics.
    Even if I use the "fb=false" boot option. Is it right to hit F6 at the menu and add it there?

    Any other tips how I can get Ubuntu 10 runing on my Epia M?

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