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Thread: can't boot up in ubuntu 9.10

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    Angry can't boot up in ubuntu 9.10

    I try to put up and i get a screen message

    [3.114207] kernel panic-not syncing:VFS:Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)

    and my caps lock and scroll lock light flashes on and off and nothing works. I have to turn of my computer and log on to windows vista. I'm a novice and know nothing about computer programing. This is the second time it happened to me. The first time i just reinstalled everything and lost all my old information. can somebody please help.

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    Re: can't boot up in ubuntu 9.10

    ...have you ever booted to it? Are you using the right kernel?? Intel or amd??? 32 bit or 64? ...i've never seen that....are you using wubi? Or partitioning?

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    Re: can't boot up in ubuntu 9.10

    The kernel dose not know what filesystem the root partition is. I suspect that your grub config is incorrect and is pointing to your Vista partition. Can you post your grub.conf and your partition layout please?

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    Smile Re: can't boot up in ubuntu 9.10

    It happened to me once when I had been a newbie and tried to install Slackware Linux in a very small partition of my HDD. Try giving some more space for Ubuntu. I recomment atleast 10 GB. Reinstall it and post back.

    Good luck !
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