Hi, it's not really Tutorial it's just small tip for Linux newbie users like me.

I think many of you had problems with burning images (for inst. Alcohol 120% - .mdf .mds) and if you finally manage to burn you realize that CD is unusable. So i decided to write about it.
Supported images: bin, cue, mdf, mds, bin, img, ccd, sub, iso

It's very easy to do!

First of all install WINE (If you've not installed)
  • Download ImgBurn and install it.
  • Run ImgBurn, it won't detect your disc drive and will give errors which will be shown in log
  • To fix the error go to: Tools -> Settings... -> Tab called I/O and change interface from SPTI - Microsoft to ASPI - WNASPI32.DLL

That's all you'll now be able to burn most of images with Linux and absolutely free of charge

P.S If tip is too noobish, sorry
P.P.S I hope Tip will help at least one guy