Hi there,

I'm trying to get my irtouchscreen working on ubuntu 9.04. It works... but like a mouse. I'm not able to touch on a position and make the cursor select that specific position. I've installed the drivers correctly and the driver is loaded as it should be. There's only one issue on Xorg.0.log that I dont know what it means or solve.

(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "USB Touchscreen 595a:0001" (type: TOUCHPAD)
(**) USB Touchscreen 595a:0001: (accel) keeping acceleration scheme 1
(**) USB Touchscreen 595a:0001: (accel) filter chain progression: 2.00
(**) USB Touchscreen 595a:0001: (accel) filter stage 0: 20.00 ms
(**) USB Touchscreen 595a:0001: (accel) set acceleration profile 0
(--) USB Touchscreen 595a:0001: (accel) no supported touchpad found
Is this what's causing the problem ? Can anyone give me a hint on what I should do?

Pedro Ferreira