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Thread: Videocamera and Ubuntu

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    Videocamera and Ubuntu

    Hello all

    I have a Medion camcorder with a DV-out, that I had (previously) connected to a Windows machine, on the windows machine i can connect true USB.

    Now I have a Ubuntu 9.04 laptop and it will not recognize the camera.

    The command lsusb I see the camera either. Now my question (s)

    1. this camera,can i connect it with USB?
    2. how can I install this
    3. I do manage that, what software can I use best. ?

    This is a Medion MD9035


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    Re: Videocamera and Ubuntu

    this will help some but as for a program i myself do not know of any

    open a terminal type ( gstreamer-properties ) click enter
    try v4l1 or v4l2
    click the bottom test button
    if it comes on
    you need a program to use it with

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    Re: Videocamera and Ubuntu

    have you tried dvgrab ? I read somewhere that it works w/ some USB cams. dvgrab is in the repositories
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