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Thread: speed dragon multimedia IR dongle

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    speed dragon multimedia IR dongle

    I got a cheap bluetooth/irda combo device. When I lsusb I get this:

    Bus 002 Device 006: ID 0e55:110a Speed Dragon Multimedia, Ltd

    After further searching it seems like it's the mcs7780 drive from Moschip. I looked at the site here:

    I also tried a couple of other sites with perhaps updated drivers, including:

    I keep getting errors that look like this:

    mcs7780.c:562: error: ‘struct net_device’ has no member named ‘priv’

    They all seem to be build for older kernels.

    Out of curiosity, I also just tried modprobe mcs7780 but nothing happened (but no error)..anything I have to do after that?

    Edit: Now I think the chipset is a Tanic S110 based on the name in the driver CD. No luck with that either since I don't know what to choose in LIRC.
    second edit: according to this site: either chipset can be used (although the poster didn't have luck with the moz drivers). So I just need help compiling the moz drivers
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