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Thread: Easycam2 won't install (webcam problems)

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    Re: Easycam2 won't install (webcam problems)

    you must like spilled milk
    we had the cam working is all it takes for us to work with
    send me the old 1 i have 7 more computers with out 1
    enjoy your new cam

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    Re: Easycam2 won't install (webcam problems)

    I just wanted to let everyone no I did manage to get the webcam working again,
    The problem was that it wasn't working with the drivers of the gspca,
    But recently they released a new set of test drivers which included my webcam
    but I am new to this forum so how do I get the solved message up there?

    thanks for the help guys!
    and thanks for the kick in my lazy *** no2498, you made me take a good look again

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