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Thread: How to install SPORE on Ubuntu 9.10

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    Question How to install SPORE on Ubuntu 9.10

    I just found my long lost Spore installer disk. I have nothing on my laptop but Ubuntu. I'm a Linux newbie, but I've messed with Ubuntu long enough to trust myself to just erase Vista completely. I have Wine installed, but I don't know what to do or if it will even work. Can someone tell me what to do, give me a previously posted thread line, or detailed HOWTO? I know this is a really demanding/forceful sounding question, but I've been using these forums long enough to know that I wont get anything if I don't give specifics

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    Re: How to install SPORE on Ubuntu 9.10

    Not too hard in theory:

    1) Put Disc In
    2) Mount Disc
    3) Browse to Install.exe or smiler
    4) Right Click
    5) Select Open with Wine Program Launcher
    6) Pray that it works

    Thats really all there is to it

    when in doubt if a windows program works with WINE, consult the WineHQ.

    thats the link to Spore, seems like it works pretty good

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