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Thread: Ubuntu and AMD turion 64 mobile

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    Ubuntu and AMD turion 64 mobile


    I'm a newbie to linux and was talked into trying ubuntu. I purchased a used GATEWAY laptop with an AMD turion 64 mobile chip. I first tried installing ubuntu-9.10-server-amd64 and it just took too long to complete. After about 1 hour I cancelled the install. I then switch to ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386 and it took just as long. I at first that it was the CD but was able to recognize both CDs under windows xp media(installed on the same machine). I then took the i386 and successfully installed it in on a laptop that uses and an intel chip. I tried again on the GATEWAY AMD turion 64 laptop and it still doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong here will Ubuntu not run on an AMD chip ?

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    Re: Ubuntu and AMD turion 64 mobile

    Go to and click on "Alternative download options, including Ubuntu installer for Windows" then select 64 bit and that will download the correct ISO for you.

    That ISO should install Ubuntu on your laptop.
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