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Thread: running Firefox/skype in a sandbox (dummy user)?

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    Thumbs down running Firefox/skype in a sandbox (dummy user)?

    Maybe you are also concerned about the safety and privacy of your data.
    I am and therefore I would likt to create some kinf of a sandbox, but I am unsure
    how to accomplish this and would be very happy about your ideas and sughgestions.

    My plan (upto now - open for other approaches) has been to
    create another user account with limited access (indeed as limited as possible as preveliged as necessary).

    I would like to run potentially risky program under a different user account.
    examples for "risky progams" would be
    *web browsers (risk of privacy and virus - with sometimes inevitable Javascript)
    *distrusted programs as skype (proprietary commercial)

    With this secondary user account (I call it "bogus account") I would like to accomplish
    that the program in worst case can only access the files inside this bogus account home dir(which is not too problematic as it would remain empty *hehehe*)

    I though on simply:
    1. creating a new user account in System->Administration->Users and Groups
    2. using the command : gksu -u bogususer firefox
    to start the program at best within my own session (not having to switch between sessions).

    I searched the web for this kind of sandbox safety measure but unsuccessfully
    After all I still think that the PLUS in linux would be the well defined user right and hence the possibility of my "sandbox"

    any help and comments very welcome

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    Re: running Firefox/skype in a sandbox (dummy user)?


    I have added the bogus user account "unpriv" in System->Administraion->User and Groups. I the "Add User"-Dialog I have choosen the Profile option "Unprivileged" (expecting this to be the most restricted user).

    I have been able to run the command: su unpriv
    on the shell and received an error trying to run the program gedit

    (gedit:3261): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.0
    this means it is not possible to directly run any x-server program inside the session of my normal user account while using the identiy (and restrictions) of the bogus user account.

    using the command
    xhost + localhost
    prior to the "switching to the bogus account" enabled me to run programs like firefox or gedit.

    Is there a way to fine tune, what the bogus account is having access to?
    I would really very much like to restrict it as much as possible.

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    Re: running Firefox/skype in a sandbox (dummy user)?

    [Update 2]

    Now that I can run certain aplication (most important a copy of skype and firefox) inside
    my session (using the id of the bogus user account) I have some mor diffuculties.

    It is obvisously possible to start X (graphical applications) but sometimes as with
    totem or nautilus I receive another erro message (when trying to run them from the bogus account) see below

    (totem:3505): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Unable to open a connection to the session bus: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.
    it seems to be a problem of the DBus.
    I have no real idea yet how to tackle this problem.

    any help on how to make skype run in an restricted way is therefore still very appreciated


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    Re: running Firefox/skype in a sandbox (dummy user)?

    I recently wrote a program that does this...

    Very easy to use... you just install it and run it. It's been working very well.

    There are also more complex solutions for this but after looking at the alternatives I went with this approach.
    Check out my blog for useful scripts and tips...

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