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Thanks a ton, that was really helpful. I also have a CW with the 330M, but I had to get my own EDID binary to get it to work.

Does xserver have to be restarted in order to enable/disable HDMI output? Right now, I have to save changes to xorg config to enable/disable the second screen (through nvidia-settings)... I can't just plug in an HDMI cable and switch it on the fly. I thought maybe KRandR could do it but that only detects displays that are enabled.

Thanks again for the help.
No prob!

Could you post your edid bin just in case others need it?

As far as HDMI and auto detection, I personally setup my xorg.conf to only load the laptop LCD on boot. From there I use nvidia-settings to temporarily enable whatever CRT or HDMI monitor I might be using at the moment. (almost on the fly, all monitors are detected real time)

No other solution works as NVIDIA for some damn reason won't support the latest RandR specification.

Now if only my ath9k internal wireless worked well without dropping packets... you have any luck with that? This laptop has been work.