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Thread: mizunoX wusb600n solution problem

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    Re: mizunoX wusb600n solution problem

    Seems my previous post attracted alot of attention.. Srry about the crude language, (you can call that an apology), but like I said it was really frustrating doing that all day and going back to below nothing. Anyways.

    Post #20 by mas2ery makes no sense to me. I never really bothered reading any guides or tutorials that didn't pertain to my current problems, so I'mg guessing I should do a bit of research before going back to the terminal.
    I'm booting Windows btw, I'll probably fix the Ubuntu problem sometime this week. I'm pretty busy today, tomorrow, the next day after that, you know.
    Fortunately, my life doesn't revolve around Ubuntu, but it was really interesting [and somewhat fun]typing out all those commands and editing root files. Windows just boringly does everything for you. (It's pretty convenient for Windows though, everything being compatible with it..)

    Thanks for putting up me and not leaving this thread. Sorry again for the "not family friendly" post. I probably should've just stated my problem and slept on it. All in all, I won't be fixing this problem anytime soon.

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    Re: mizunoX wusb600n solution problem

    Sorry again for the "not family friendly" post.
    My comment was not directed at you. I will be glad to help you at any time.
    "Oh, Ubuntu, you are my favorite Linux-based operating system" --Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D.

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