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Thread: Prompt for credentials on \\server

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    Prompt for credentials on \\server

    I will go ahead and apologize here, I am a noob when it comes to Linux. I google pretty much everything until I find my answer, however this time I can't find the one I'm looking for. The funny thing about that though is I found the answer at some point before..

    I have two Ubuntu machines. The first one I created a couple years ago, it's actually still running 7.10, the second one I just created and it is running 9.10. I have customized a few things on the 7.10 machine that I am trying to duplicate on 9.10 and can't figure out what I did before. I created the first machine to host basically Acronis files and misc other data. I would like to do the same with 9.10.

    When I would like to retrieve any data from the 7.10 computer I basically just (on a windows machine) click start > click run > type \\EXAMPLE1SERVERNAME > hit enter and then I get prompted for my credentials that I set up on the 7.10 box using Samba. However with the 9.10 machine I can do the exact same thing however when I do \\EXAMPLE2SERVERNAME > hit enter, I get to see the shares that I have created. I then get prompted for credentials when I try to go into one of those shares.

    I do not recall what it was I had to do to change this option to prompt for credentials just to even see what shares are on the server. I have compared the Samba config files and everything appears to be the same besides the different share names. I have created a user within the Samba users file. I am pretty sure I'm just missing something simple, I hope.

    Any one have any ideas? I promise I did a ton of searching for this answer, I even re-read though my Samba book. I currently have 9 tabs open trying to find the answer to this exact question.. I promise I have tried.
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