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Thread: Need some advice on setting up a DHCP server...

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    Re: Need some advice on setting up a DHCP server...

    Any respectable router will act as a DHCP server.
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    Re: Need some advice on setting up a DHCP server...

    Theozzlives..... The purpose of including the DHCP server, in my configuration, is to simply cache url's visited so as to speed up my existing internet service and help reduce the overall use of bandwidth. It is shared with 2 client pc's who's users tend to utilize a lot of my bandwidth. I'd like to limit the percentage of bandwidth that is allocated to these two machines, and also learn a little bit along the way about networking. This is more of a learning experience than anything. I have a laptop that I'd like to connect later, but I'll work on that after I get the network up. If I can get it up. Right now, I'm not having any luck with it. If anyone can help, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks.
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