Hello all, my name is John and I am currently living in china but I'm from Virginia, I have just installed Ubuntu on my HP laptop and I am having a problem with the internet connection. At work there is a wireless connection that the computer will connect to with no problem but at home i have a Modem/Wireless route unit I'm guessing that's called a mini PPPOE? either way I can connect to the wireless no problem but even after trying sudo pppoeconf in terminal and going through everything it still will not connect to the internet, after starting the connection while still in the pppoeconf screen I go to a new terminal window and type plog and find it seems to try to connect but has a ussname: ERR and then it disconnects. I have made triple sure that the user name and the password are correct and it works fine when i switch over to windows 7. I also can't seem to be able to set up a connection by just plugging in the cat 5 network cable into the computer and trying to log in directly that way any help would be great thanks guys.