I am using a simple window manager on my notebook and want to use wlan. the
networkmanager claims that it "remembers" networks and autoconnects "taking the
pain out of networking". however, all documentation i find (and that is very little)
includes steps like "click on the gnome nm-apple icon".
As I understand, networkmanager and the gnome-applet are two diffrent things and
there should be a way to use the auto-connect feature of networkmanager without
the use of graphical toys.
I found cnetworkmanager and i can bring it to connect to different networks, but:
a) it doesn't work automatically as it should
b) i have to enter the passphrase for the wlan in plain text. and then i have to keep
the application running -> a simple "ps aux | grep cnetworkmanager" will show the
password in plain text for every user that is logged in. this is not acceptable.

is there a way to use networkmanager from the console without more pain than there
used to be without networkmanager?