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Thread: Against noise: does it exist some computer cases / tower completely silent?

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    Re: Against noise: does it exist some computer cases / tower completely silent?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulenmar View Post
    Back home, I've got an old Compaq Deskpro with a passively-cooled 366MHz Pentium 2. When the hard drive would actually stay spun down, everything was completely silent -- which was great, because the lid was missing and the machine was four feet from were I sleep. Had the thing running as a torrent/ssh server before I yanked the hard drive to test with Xbox modding.

    Gotta love "old" hardware.
    you meant this one:

    I have one too exactly the same, sure it is not loud, but it is making quite some noise. The fan turns time to time.

    But although when the fan is off, it is making quite some noise. Bit much more as a notebook nowadays.

    Notebook and compaq_deskpro are still loud

    Concerning the IBM T42 laptop with external monitor.: those are still loud
    sure that compared to a pentium IV notebook those T42 are silent, but it is still makign some noise ... still too much db for the compaq_deskpro and T42

    It could be nice to talk more accurately :
    How much db (sound fixed value) are giving those devices?

    Quiet ok, but how much db ? High and high you know, hte long discuss. How to define it
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    Re: Against noise: does it exist some computer cases / tower completely silent?

    Just get any case that can receive a 120mm fan in the back, as my Antec Three Hundred does. Then, install a passive cooler on the CPU. I have a Scythe Ninja. It comes with a fan but the case fan will be enough since it's right next to the cooler, directly drawing its heat to the outside. Having a relatively cool CPU like my Intel E5200 also helps.

    Then, you should make sure that the fan is not spinning too fast. The fans that came with the Antec (of which I only use the smaller 120mm one) have a three speed switch, but since even the lower speed is audible I set it to the medium speed (which I think is 1430rpm), and made some slits on the plug that connects to the PSU plugs, enabling it to connect in reverse. This lowers the speed making it virtually inaudible.

    Now, the hard drive. My Seagate ST3500320as is very quiet in what concerns the spinning sound, but it did make some irritating clicks due to the "parking" of the heads or whatever. I eliminated this sound by suspending the hard drive on elastic wires. It can be suspended in any position, the only concern in doing this is that it should be put on a place where there is some air flow (i.e. where the air enters the case). Another option is to use SSD hard disks which are totally noiseless and create no heat (but are still quite expensive).

    Passive graphics cards are common, but noiseless ones with good 3d performance are not so common. I advise Vapor-X technology if performance is required. The fans of my Radeon HD 4850 Vapor-X are definitely audible, but they don't spin unless I am playing a 3-d game, which I rarely do (and don't even mind the noise then).

    This card does create some extra heat compared with weaker ones, so I installed a fan on the side, blowing air out. It's a 120mm, 1200rpm fan, which I "reverse-plugged" as in the other one.

    With this, I have three fans in my computer (counting with the PSU fan), blowing air out. I covered the top opening where Antec's 140mm fan would be, this makes all the air enter the case through the front of the case, which has a mesh to prevent dust from coming in.

    The logical place to put the hard drive would be on the 3.5 inch bays the case has in the front, where the air would pass through, but instead I suspended the disk on elastic wires which pass on the mounting holes of the 5 1/4 cd-rom bays on the top. To create some air flow here I had to remove a cd-rom bay cover. Alternatively, I could have assembled it on the 3.5 inch bays, but on the vertical position. Or I could have used a case that has 5 1/4 bays from top to bottom, like the NOX Coolbay.

    This leaves the PSU as the main cause of noise in my computer. See here for a list of recommended power supplies: . I have a Corsair VX450W which is not bad. It becomes inaudible if there a minimum of ambient noise.

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    Re: Against noise: does it exist some computer cases / tower completely silent?

    I used to (and still have) a dual CPU retired workstation. The guy who owned this rig before me did some serious overclocking to it, and as a result, he put in an amazing liquid cooling system. He wasn't nice enough to give me the graphics card he used, and I really didnt see a use for another one, so I returned everything to the default clock values, and left the intel video card the way it was. In the summer (as it gets quite hot inside/outside), i simply turn off one of the CPUS (theirs a switch on the motherboard) and the top of the workstation instantly becomes a chill mat for my feet (the cooling pipes were right at the top of the case....)[/offtopic]
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    Re: Against noise: does it exist some computer cases / tower completely silent?

    check out here , there very clever.

    main points:
    - ssd or suspended/soft mount hard drive
    - big heat sink with large slow fan (or water cooling with a quiet pump and an over sized radiator if you can afford it)
    - if your motherboard supports it use have pwm fans so they are slow at idle and fast at full speed.
    - bigger fans move more air at slow rotation then small fans do , so they are usualy quieter
    - remove obstructions in air flow to reduce turblance , remove fan grills if possible
    - avoid small fans at all costs. they are normaly fast and winey and move almost no air
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    Re: Against noise: does it exist some computer cases / tower completely silent?

    some links of silent PC-s and producers
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    Re: Against noise: does it exist some computer cases / tower completely silent?

    I built a desktop PC a couple of years ago that is 'virtually' silent. All I did was replace the stock CPU cooler with a Zalman one, and replace the PSU with a quieter (and better quality) one. I don't have any case fans so no noise there, and the GPU fan only comes on when I play games.

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