I have vlc installed on two Ubuntu 9.04 boxes. Locally, each of the boxes player working ok. However, when I try to stream video from one machine to the other over ethernet connection I get errors. Following are the command lines I executed for the video streaming.
On machine A (IP:, where the video will be streamed from):
vlc -vvv samplevideo.mov --sout '#standard{access=udp,mux=ts,dst= }'

On machine B (IP:, where the video will be streamed to)
vlc -vvv udp://

On machine A (where the video is streamed from) I get the errors:
access_output_udp access out debug: late packet for UDP input
access_output_udp access out debug: packet has been sent too late
access_output_udp access out warning: send error: Connection refused

On machine B (where the video is streamed to) the errors are:
Client: main stream error: cannot pre fill buffer
Client: main stream warning: cannot create a stream_t from access

Any idea? Help is appreciated.