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Thread: What Phone to buy?

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    Question What Phone to buy?

    Hi, last time i did not get a response so i am trying again.

    I am up for a new phone but can't make up my mind.
    What i want from the phone is to make calls (haha) and use navigation software. Perhaps also facebook app.
    I do not need really a taskmanager. So far i never used one.

    If i check with my carrier (it's ATT) i need to buy either a messaging plan ($20) or a data plan ($30) with the phone.
    That means that i can't use any of these features without the additional plan. Or?

    So what phone would you recommend me and plan.
    There are so many phone's that it is really hard to make a decision. I am lost.

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    Re: What Phone to buy?

    I say get the Google Nexus One UNLOCKED and get an AT&T contract separate.

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    Re: What Phone to buy?

    iPhone, Tomtom do their Nav app for the iPhone and of course there is a zillion apps available many of which are free.

    And not to mention its cool.
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    Re: What Phone to buy?

    Nexus One. Best phone I have ever used, hands down. It's even better if you live in the US, because of Google Voice.

    Plenty of good apps, I have not yet found myself in need of an app I couldn't find in the market. Besides, it's easy to unlock and get root access, and, as opposed to Apple, Google is not trying to prevent you from doing it.

    Lastly, it has free US navigation built-in, through Google Maps(Voice and everything, as opposed to the iPhone, which just has the normal version of Maps), and there is an excellent navigation app from CoPilot in the market if you need navigation outside of the States. There will soon be an official car dock, and there is a built-in app which gives you easy access to all the features you might want to access while driving.

    Oh, and yes, you'll want a data plan. Otherwise, you might as well not get a smartphone, in which case I recommend a Nokia.
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