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    Jibber Jabber Wocky!!!! ;)

    We are all born of the life-stream and one day when we have lived our life and our time on this planet draws to a close, we will return to it, taking with us our experiences, friendships and love. Like a stream branching off from a larger river we enter this world, and like a river returns to from whence it came so the circle of life continues. On entering this world we are plotted sometimes through murky waters, but just as water sometimes is polluted, so it can also be cleansed in science by the evaporation technique, or in the case of the life-stream, by the cleansing and refining of the soul. The river is in my opinion, a oneness, and knowledge of all things that were, that are and that are yet to be. Occasionally during this life you may be lucky enough to glimpse the life-stream, in those moments as children when for example running through a field of corn on a hot summers’ day, you feel like for a fleeting instance you know a lot more than you can explain. Perhaps we are but conduits of energy encapsulated within our bodies, when a glass is broken that is filled with liquid, what happens to the liquid? Although it might seem to disappear it is actually dispersed from the container and through the process of evaporation is returned eventually to the oceans from whence it was born. Perhaps the same could be said of the human soul. If you did glimpse the life-stream perhaps you would have certain events that you have seen, come into fruition later in your life. A sense like it has almost happened before countless times. Perhaps it has. If we are merely conduits for energy then perhaps we can tune into other energy wavelengths (ESP possibly such things as telekinesis and telepathy) perhaps this is empathy. When we try to put ourselves in others situations to better understand out of love and compassion. Perhaps we are trying to be on the same wavelength in more sense than one. Perhaps I’m talking **** I don’t know.

    Infinity. Does it exist? Whats at the end of it? Are we as humans limited by how we think? Perhaps logicality cannot explain such a thing as infinity. Yet maybe chaos can explain it better. Can ‘chaos’ be interpreted logically? If we can interpret ‘chaos’ logically we may be able to realise what infinity is. Nothing and everything…Define nothing. Is it possible for something to go on forever? It is possible to contemplate that something might never begin so why is it not possible to understand that it could go on forever. Forever is a scary concept. As is nothingness.

    Free your mind? If the mind is free then it is out of control and that which is out of control is unpredictable. Unpredictability is the essence of chaos….Is a totally free mind a good idea? For the mind to be free but the world full of constructs around it would only bring confusion possibly. So totally freeing your mind is probably a bad idea. Because of the human conscience and right and wrong. A totally free mind would not be able to differentiate between right and wrong. A filtered mind would possibly be better? To let the mind run free in sense of good things, but to filter and block those that are not good…A firewall for the mind? Haha who knows I’m bored and postulating and hypothesising on my lunch break…yippee ki yay! Perhaps I am limited by thinking about such things bilaterally, such things are perhaps beyond human comprehension. It will be an interesting day when our race finally becomes able to comprehend such things truly.

    The Lifestream is love. A pure light that cannot be explained on this plane’s clouded reality. A true peace within and for every other living organism throughout the universe. Perhaps this is the Buddhist idea of enlightenment? A realisation of the lifestream. Speculation admittedly. Perhaps the disease is not the humans that inhabit this world. But the world itself. Corruption and deception seem to rule with an iron fist. Material things. The will for power and more power, which when used un-responsibly can cause great disharmony amongst people. When used appropriately, great power can also be used to bring great peace and love to others. Perhaps the scale is temporarily tipped towards misuse. I have confidence that this will be remedied shortly though. Such is the concept of ‘hope’.

    There is more than meets the eye to this world, than at first seems. Riptides and undercurrents surround us, sway us, move us, and sometimes even pull us under. Although the surface of the ocean may appear calm and serene. Beneath it is a swirling multitude of forces pulling in various directions. Perhaps the same could be said of the world around us. Forces are at work which lie beneath the visible surface. Politics e.t.c. In order to survive a strong rip tide out at sea, you must first become a competent swimmer. If you splash about wasting all your energy with no sense of direction then you will get no where pretty quickly. Save your energy. Focus. Ask for assistance and find your direction. Once you know where your heading never give in…no matter how far the rip current pulls you back out to sea…If that way doesn’t work find a different way. With enough guts and determination, resilience and hope you will find yourself back on the shore eventually. Perhaps the same could be said of life in general.

    Alien life and does it exist? If alien life (extra terrestrial entities) does exist then who is to say that we ourselves are not aliens to this planet on which we are inhabiting? Who is to say that this planet itself is not a sanctuary of different life from different planets? It could be an experiment. We could be test subjects. Even if that is the case and we are undergoing a test of some-sort. It is my belief that even though we may be manipulated e.t.c that God is good and the creator of all life in the universe including aliens e.t.c ~So perhaps we can only hope that some good alien forms come to fight the manipulative ones. Good vs Evil? Perhaps this is a limited conceptualisation. But is it? Conscience. What is it? A set of laws and rules programmed into our D.n.a? In order to combat our self destructive nature? If so. This would prove that God does care about us, and that he has given us all the ability to choose to try and do the right thing. I like that idea. Is conscience different for individuals or exactly the same? Perhaps we are limited as humans for a reason. Power without control would only bring essentially chaos.

    If aliens did come to this planet under peaceful purposes how would we tell they were peaceful and not here to manipulate? Paranoia? Trust? Which would it be? Perhaps this is the reason no such life would contact us. We would have to assume that if aliens had reached our planet they would be far superior in intellect to us humble earth dwellers. In this instance the best way of making contact e.,t.c would be to infiltrate earth. Partly to learn but also to take those manipulative ones out of power. A behind the scenes alien power struggle. Are we really worth such effort? Who knows. All speculation. We can only hope that if they aren’t already here, The good ones who wish to protect and cherish life make it here first.

    Mitochondria. The power plant of organic cells. Perhaps this is the key to unlocking great power and knowledge. Mitochondrial D.n.a. A different D.n.a than our own belonging to the various mitochondrial cells that are in various organisms including but not limited to the human body. Has any research been done into trying to decipher this different form of D.n.a?. It is said that mitochondrial Eve is the first woman to exist, and that through female D.n.a this is a constant ‘secret’ that is always passed down through the female maternal line. (A life-stream of sorts). The fact that Mitochondrial D.n.a is a totally different ‘code’ to our regular d.n.a strands implies the possibility that we could (the human race) be symbiotic with another life form that we do not yet comprehend. Perhaps this would explain evolution. If we were to harness this genetic knowledge source, God only knows what sort of power and secrets would be disclosed. (Pandora’s Box?) Has our d.n.a got so evolved that we can ‘evolve’ within our own lifetimes? Do we pass ‘genetic memories’ on to our children? It is feasible to hypothesise, that as we as humans become more intelligent, the reason this is so is because our D.n.a is possibly getting more intelligent also? How can chemical code become more intelligent? Again my human mind is constrained and restricted by boundaries. It feels like the answers are out there, within a hands grasp, I don’t know why I say that, that’s just how it feels I guess.

    Precognition. The ability to see the ‘future’. Perhaps we as humans (the human intellect) is becoming more powerful now than we actually realise. Perhaps we are only using a small percentage of our brains in tests (Cat-scan) e.t.c. I think that the other 80 per cent or so is actually working constantly, it is calculating, predicting and modelling the world around us. Simulating if you will, possible outcomes and reactions to our own influence on this world. Perhaps this is where dreams come in. Such dreams as predicting things that happen, could simply be the brain working subconsciously on possible outcomes subject to certain set conditions.(a.l.a the way computers simulate such things as nuclear bombs, flight simulators e.t.c, with many different variables, perhaps the human brain is becoming so powerful its starting to be able to model the ever-changing world around us?, to an extent at least anyways? =-P) The human mind is a powerful tool. Again just theory but it’s good to think over such things every once in a blue moon.

    - Dan.
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