this is an interesting error, I have two fairly old computers in the library of my church, that I recently got wireless nics for, wireless n to be exact. One computer I have in a back office also with the same nic. This problem accured recently not too long back. The computer in the back office connects to the network fine, with or without the repeater we have. The ones in the library when I first installed xubuntu on them, connected to the network fine before we got the repeater, one refuses to connect to anything, saying that no networks are available. The other identifies networks available, but does not list the actual router, but the repeater instead. Do not know what caused the error of not detecting the router. I planned to upgrade them by erasing everything and installing 10.10 on both, one has a kernal panic every time, the other has a simular kernal panic, as it reports graphics error, and goes straight to shell. My current plan is to take xubuntu 10.04 and install on both systems, hoping that it understands the nics, as from experience with the computer in the back office, running 10.10, even tough 10.10 works extreamily well with the nic, 10.04 also worked better than 9.10 which is currently running on the computers in the library. I would like any comments on this subject, any ideas on how to get it working.