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Thread: Wirless Trouble :: Shows connected but unable to go to web

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    Wirless Trouble :: Shows connected but unable to go to web

    Hey Everyone,

    I am new to the forum but have searched through some of the threads to try and figure out my problem.

    I am on Ubuntu 9.10/Gnome 2.28.1 and I am using a USB Netgear WG111U wireless adapter to connect to my wireless router and where I am getting stuck is the laptop (DELL Inspiron 1150) is showing that I am connected to the router but I am unable to make an actual connection to the web. I have my wireless router locked down my MAC and I have put the DELL into the access list but it is not showing as a connected device, which leads me to beleive it is not actually connecting to the router.

    So basically I am at a loss right now, I am hoping for some guidance and direction on this one.

    Thank you very much for your help.
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