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Thread: Internet OK when I boot from CD; Fails when I boot from HD

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    Need Help; Internet works when I boot from CD; Fails when I boot from HD


    I have a problem and I need some help please.

    My Internet connection works fine when I boot Ubuntu with the CD and it does not work when I boot from the Hard Drive. It was working then it stopped.

    I tried to diagnose the problem but I am not familiar with Linux.

    I opened a Terminal window and entered ipconfig (don't laugh ... sadly, i've been in Windows for too long) ipconfig was something that could not be found in my terminal window so i exited.

    Next it was System->Administration->Network Tools. I ping'd and it said it could not find it. hmmmm. Let's see if restarting the system will fix it.

    I did a shutdown and when it came back up; same problem. Ok, i really didn't think it would magically correct itself; this is Linux after all. Windows? Well sometimes you can fix things by turning them off and on.

    Next, another shutdown and I rebooted with the CD instead of the Hard drive and here I sit entering this help question in.

    I am guessing that a file or setting got changed in /etc/someplace and I am not even sure of that.

    Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

    I am assuming that there is a setting which is correct in the CD version that is not not correct in the HD version and somehow i need to find what it is and synchronize it with the CD version.

    ANY reply would be appreciated. I have no idea how to proceed.
    Thanks very much,
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