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Thread: Internet OK when I boot from CD; Fails when I boot from HD

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    Need Help; Internet works when I boot from CD; Fails when I boot from HD


    I have a problem and I need some help please.

    My Internet connection works fine when I boot Ubuntu with the CD and it does not work when I boot from the Hard Drive. It was working then it stopped.

    I tried to diagnose the problem but I am not familiar with Linux.

    I opened a Terminal window and entered ipconfig (don't laugh ... sadly, i've been in Windows for too long) ipconfig was something that could not be found in my terminal window so i exited.

    Next it was System->Administration->Network Tools. I ping'd and it said it could not find it. hmmmm. Let's see if restarting the system will fix it.

    I did a shutdown and when it came back up; same problem. Ok, i really didn't think it would magically correct itself; this is Linux after all. Windows? Well sometimes you can fix things by turning them off and on.

    Next, another shutdown and I rebooted with the CD instead of the Hard drive and here I sit entering this help question in.

    I am guessing that a file or setting got changed in /etc/someplace and I am not even sure of that.

    Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

    I am assuming that there is a setting which is correct in the CD version that is not not correct in the HD version and somehow i need to find what it is and synchronize it with the CD version.

    ANY reply would be appreciated. I have no idea how to proceed.
    Thanks very much,
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    Re: Internet OK when I boot from CD; Fails when I boot from HD

    Not one person has any idea?

    Not one person can tell me at least where the information for the network settings is located?

    Not one person can give any small piece of troubleshooting advice?

    Just a reply would be nice.

    This should be a simple fix for someone that knows how this works.

    c'mon people anyone?


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