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Lucid uses the udev architecture for input device control, apparently :-S

I found this on the Debian Wiki:


You have to delete the psmouse.modprobe file from /etc/modprobe.d/ if you used the psmouse kludge before, then create the 99-synaptics.rules file and fill in the above text and reboot. For me it got left and right mouse clicks working and also right hand edge scrolling, nice!

There is a whole section in the Ubuntu docs about setting this up here:


Maybe we can have a play around and improve on the Debian file?
I didn't make either change. I used to have the issue (no right/left click, only tapping), but recent updates seem to have fixed that. Is it possible that is what fixed your issue and not that file?

Anyone know what that little hole at the top left of the touchpad is? I think it's a light saying the touchpad is on or off, but thats just a guess.