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Thread: HP Mini 210 touchpad right click not working

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    Re: HP Mini 210 touchpad right click not working

    You're much better off actually fixing the problem with the driver, as telling the system that the touchpad is a PS/2 mouse leaves you with zero control of the pad on the Mini 210. To do this, download the attachment at the bottom of this post and save it in your home folder:

    Open the terminal on your Mini 210 and

    sudo apt-get install build-essential patch linux-source
    The kernel source will be a tarball that is installed in /usr/src. Extract it to your home directory like so:

    tar -xjvf /usr/src/linux-source <tab>
    Note that pressing tab will autocomplete to the version you downloaded. Once extracted, change to the source directory and untar the patch attachment you downloaded at the beginning:

    cd linux-source <tab>
    tar -xzvf ../clickpad.tar.gz
    Now we'll patch the driver files, copy the Makefile to the right place, and compile and install the new driver:

    patch -p1 <clickpad_patch
    cp Makefile drivers/input/mouse/
    cd drivers/input/mouse
    sudo make install
    Reboot your machine, and you'll find the touchpad works like it should. Note that this patch is based on Takashi Iwai's fine work here:
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